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Honor of Kings Overview: Your Ultimate Guide


Honor of Kings, is a massively popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games. Launched in 2015, this game has garnered a vast player base and has become a cultural phenomenon, particularly in China.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects of Honor of Kings, providing an in-depth overview to ensure you get the most accurate and valuable information.


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What is Honor of Kings?

Honor of Kings is a MOBA game where players control characters with unique abilities, known as heroes, and compete in teams to achieve objectives, defeat opponents, and ultimately destroy the enemy’s core building, often referred to as the “Nexus” or “Crystal.” The game combines strategy, quick reflexes, and teamwork, making it a highly engaging and competitive experience.

Game Modes

Honor of Kings offers various game modes to cater to different player preferences:

  1. Ranked Matches: Competitive gameplay where players can climb the ranks by winning matches.
  2. Casual Matches: Non-ranked matches for fun and practice.
  3. Custom Matches: Private games where players can set their own rules.
  4. Arcade Modes: Limited-time modes with unique rules and objectives.

Heroes and Roles

The game features a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Heroes are categorized into different roles:

  • Tanks: Heroes with high durability who protect teammates.
  • Warriors: Balanced heroes with good offense and defense.
  • Assassins: High-damage dealers with low durability.
  • Mages: Heroes who use magic to deal damage from a distance.
  • Marksmen: Ranged heroes who deal sustained physical damage.
  • Supports: Heroes who assist the team with healing, buffs, or crowd control.

Gameplay Mechanics


The primary objective in Honor of Kings is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus while protecting your own. Along the way, players must:

  • Defeat Minions: NPCs that spawn periodically and march down lanes, providing gold and experience when killed.
  • Destroy Turrets: Defensive structures that protect the lanes and Nexus.
  • Control Jungle Camps: Neutral monsters located between lanes that provide buffs and resources.


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Combat and Strategy

Success in Honor of Kings requires a blend of individual skill and team coordination. Key aspects include:

  • Skill Shots: Abilities that require precise aiming.
  • Positioning: Knowing where to be during fights and when to engage or retreat.
  • Map Awareness: Keeping track of enemy positions and objectives.
  • Team Composition: Selecting heroes that complement each other and counter the enemy’s picks.

Hero Spotlight

Example Hero: ZHUANGZI

ZHUANGZI is a support hero known for his crowd control abilities and team-wide buffs. His abilities include:

  • Dream Butterfly: Sends a butterfly that damages and slows enemies.
  • Universal Mind: Provides a shield to allies and enhances their resistance to crowd control.
  • Ultimate – Wish of the Sea: Heals allies in an area and grants immunity to crowd control for a short duration.

Tips for Playing ZHUANGZI

  1. Positioning: Stay close to your carries to provide them with shields and crowd control immunity.
  2. Engage and Disengage: Use your abilities to initiate fights or protect your team during retreats.
  3. Map Awareness: Always be aware of your team’s positioning and the enemy’s movements to make the most of your ultimate.

Strategies and Tips

Early Game

  • Farm Efficiently: Focus on last-hitting minions to maximize gold and experience gain.
  • Vision Control: Use wards to keep an eye on enemy movements and avoid ganks.
  • Jungle Invades: Coordinate with your team to invade the enemy jungle and deny their resources.

Mid Game

  • Objective Control: Prioritize taking down turrets and securing jungle buffs.
  • Team Fights: Group up with your team and engage in fights to gain an advantage.
  • Split Pushing: Send a hero to push a lane while the rest of the team applies pressure elsewhere.

Late Game

  • Stay Together: Avoid getting picked off by sticking with your team.
  • Secure Major Objectives: Focus on taking down major objectives like the Dark Slayer or Overlord for powerful buffs.
  • Final Push: Coordinate a final push to destroy the enemy Nexus and secure victory.

Community and Esports

Honor of Kings has a vibrant community and a thriving esports scene. Here’s how you can get involved:

Community Engagement

  • Forums and Social Media: Join discussions on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and official forums.
  • Content Creation: Share your gameplay, guides, and tips through videos or streaming.
  • Local Meetups: Participate in local gaming events and tournaments to meet other players.


  • Professional Leagues: Follow major leagues like the King Pro League (KPL) to watch top-tier gameplay.
  • Tournaments: Participate in or spectate community and professional tournaments.
  • Team Play: Form or join a competitive team to compete at higher levels.

Honor of Kings Lore

The lore of Honor of Kings is rich and diverse, providing depth to the game’s universe. Each hero has a unique backstory, contributing to the immersive experience.

Example Lore: Lu Bu

Lu Bu, a mighty warrior, is known for his strength and prowess in battle. His quest for power and dominance has led him to numerous conquests, making him a feared and respected figure in the world of Honor of Kings.

Updates and Future Developments

Honor of Kings is continually evolving with regular updates that introduce new heroes, balance changes, and features. Staying informed about these updates is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

Recent Updates

  • New Heroes: Introduction of new heroes with unique abilities.
  • Balance Changes: Adjustments to hero abilities and item stats for better game balance.
  • Seasonal Events: Limited-time events with special rewards and challenges.

Future Developments

  • Hero Reworks: Revisions to existing heroes to improve gameplay experience.
  • New Game Modes: Introduction of new modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Esports Expansion: Growth of the esports scene with more tournaments and higher stakes.

Advanced Strategies and Techniques

Team Composition and Synergy

A well-balanced team composition is crucial for success in Honor of Kings. Here’s a breakdown of how to build a strong team and the synergy between different roles:

Balanced Team Composition

  1. Tank: Essential for absorbing damage and initiating fights. Examples include heroes like Arthur and Sun Wukong.
  2. Warrior: Provides a mix of damage and survivability. Heroes like Lu Bu and Guan Yu fit this role.
  3. Assassin: Key for eliminating high-value targets quickly. Notable assassins include Han Xin and Lan.
  4. Mage: Offers ranged magic damage and crowd control. Popular mages are Daji and Zhang Liang.
  5. Marksman: Primary source of sustained physical damage. Marksmen like Luban No.7 and Genghis Khan are effective.
  6. Support: Enhances team survivability and control. Heroes like Yao and Cai Wenji excel here.

Synergy and Counters

  • Synergy: Combining heroes whose abilities complement each other can be game-changing. For example, pairing a strong initiator like Sun Wukong with a high-damage mage like Daji can create devastating combos.
  • Counters: Understanding and selecting heroes that counter the enemy’s picks can give your team a strategic edge. For instance, using a crowd control heavy hero like Zhang Liang can neutralize mobile assassins.

In-Depth Role Analysis


  • Role: Absorb damage, initiate fights, and protect carries.
  • Strategy: Focus on positioning to shield your team and engage the enemy backline.
  • Itemization: Build items that increase durability and provide crowd control, such as “Guardian’s Glory” and “King’s Shield.”


  • Role: Deal damage while soaking up moderate damage.
  • Strategy: Balance between engaging in team fights and providing frontline presence.
  • Itemization: Opt for hybrid items that boost both offense and defense, like “The Bloodthirster” and “Earthquake.”


  • Role: Eliminate priority targets swiftly.
  • Strategy: Utilize stealth and mobility to surprise and burst down carries.
  • Itemization: Focus on items that enhance burst damage and mobility, such as “Shadow Ripper” and “Fenrir’s Tooth.”


  • Role: Deal magic damage and provide crowd control.
  • Strategy: Position at a safe distance to maximize damage output and control the battlefield.
  • Itemization: Prioritize items that increase magic power and cooldown reduction, like “Sacred Dominion” and “Tome of Wisdom.”


  • Role: Provide consistent physical damage from a distance.
  • Strategy: Maintain optimal positioning to avoid enemy initiations and maximize damage.
  • Itemization: Build items that increase attack speed and critical damage, such as “Doom’s Whisper” and “Sanguine Blade.”


  • Role: Enhance team performance with healing, shields, and crowd control.
  • Strategy: Stay close to carries, providing protection and buffs.
  • Itemization: Choose items that enhance healing, shielding, and utility, like “Echo’s Blessing” and “Covenant of Salvation.”

Hero Mastery and Tips

Hero Mastery

Mastering a hero involves understanding their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Here’s a step-by-step approach to mastering a hero in Honor of Kings:

  1. Learn the Abilities: Familiarize yourself with each ability, its effects, and cooldowns.
  2. Practice Combos: Practice ability combos in practice mode to maximize damage output.
  3. Understand Matchups: Learn which heroes your chosen hero is strong against and which ones pose a threat.
  4. Watch Replays: Analyze replays of top players using your hero to understand advanced strategies and positioning.
  5. Adjust Builds: Adapt your item build based on the enemy team composition and in-game circumstances.

Hero Tips

Example: Han Xin (Assassin)

  • Abilities: Han Xin excels at mobility and burst damage. His abilities allow him to dash in and out of combat, making him a formidable assassin.
  • Tips:
    1. Early Game Dominance: Use Han Xin’s mobility to invade the enemy jungle and secure early kills.
    2. Target Selection: Focus on eliminating enemy carries in team fights.
    3. Positioning: Always look for opportunities to flank the enemy and engage from unexpected angles.

In-Game Communication and Coordination

Effective communication and coordination are key to winning matches in Honor of Kings. Here are some tips to enhance team communication:

In-Game Communication Tools

  • Ping System: Use the ping system to alert teammates about enemy positions, upcoming objectives, and danger zones.
  • Quick Chat: Utilize preset quick chat messages to convey important information swiftly.

Pre-Game Coordination

  • Hero Selection: Discuss and agree on team composition and hero picks to ensure balance and synergy.
  • Role Assignment: Clearly define each player’s role and responsibilities during the match.

During the Match

  • Objective Calls: Communicate and coordinate around major objectives like the Dark Slayer and Overlord.
  • Team Fight Engagements: Plan and execute team fight engagements by calling out targets and initiation timings.
  • Map Awareness: Share information about enemy movements and potential ganks to maintain map control.

Honor of Kings Meta Analysis

The meta in Honor of Kings constantly evolves with patches and updates. Staying informed about the current meta can give you a competitive edge. Here’s an analysis of the current meta trends:

Popular Heroes

  • Top Tier Tanks: Heroes like Arthur and Sun Wukong are currently dominant due to their durability and initiation potential.
  • Meta Warriors: Lu Bu and Guan Yu are favored for their balanced offense and defense.
  • Assassins: Han Xin and Lan remain popular picks for their high burst damage.
  • Mages: Daji and Zhang Liang are top choices due to their crowd control and magic damage.
  • Marksmen: Luban No.7 and Genghis Khan lead the marksman category with their sustained damage output.
  • Supports: Yao and Cai Wenji are essential for their team-wide buffs and healing.

Itemization Trends

  • Tanks: Guardian’s Glory and King’s Shield are must-haves for enhanced durability.
  • Warriors: Hybrid items like The Bloodthirster and Earthquake provide balanced stats.
  • Assassins: Shadow Ripper and Fenrir’s Tooth are key for maximizing burst potential.
  • Mages: Sacred Dominion and Tome of Wisdom are crucial for increasing magic power.
  • Marksmen: Doom’s Whisper and Sanguine Blade enhance attack speed and critical damage.
  • Supports: Echo’s Blessing and Covenant of Salvation offer significant utility.

Competitive Play and Tournaments

Honor of Kings boasts a thriving competitive scene with numerous tournaments and leagues. Here’s how you can get involved and follow the action:

Major Tournaments

  • King Pro League (KPL): The premier professional league for Honor of Kings, featuring the best teams from around the world.
  • World Champion Cup: An international tournament where top teams compete for the title of world champion.
  • Regional Championships: Various regional tournaments that offer a pathway to international competitions.

How to Participate

  • Amateur Tournaments: Many community and local tournaments offer opportunities for amateur players to compete.
  • Ranked Play: Climb the ranked ladder to gain recognition and potentially join a professional team.
  • Team Formation: Form or join a competitive team to participate in tournaments and scrims.

Following the Esports Scene

  • Streaming Platforms: Watch live matches and replays on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Huya.
  • Social Media: Follow official Honor of Kings esports accounts and top players for updates and insights.
  • Community Forums: Engage with other fans and players on forums like Reddit and Discord to discuss strategies and match outcomes.


Honor of Kings offers a rich and immersive MOBA experience that combines strategic depth, fast-paced action, and a vibrant community. By mastering the game’s mechanics, understanding hero dynamics, and staying updated with the latest meta trends, you can enhance your gameplay and enjoy the competitive thrill Honor of Kings provides.

This comprehensive guide provides you with expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information. Whether you’re a novice looking to get started or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, this guide serves as your ultimate resource for all things Honor of Kings.

Stay engaged with the community, participate in competitive play, and continue learning to make the most of your Honor of Kings journey.

For more information, Visit the official Honor of Kings website. Happy gaming!


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