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Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake Engagement: Official Announcement!

Bobby Ray Parks Jr., the renowned basketball star, and Zeinab Harake, a beloved social media influencer, have officially announced their engagement. The couple has been a favorite among fans, and this exciting news has only deepened their admiration. Here’s a comprehensive look into their relationship, the engagement, and what lies ahead for them.

Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake

About Bobby Ray Parks

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. is a highly respected basketball player known for his versatility and impressive performances in various leagues, including the NBA G League and the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. Born on February 19, 1993, in Parañaque, Philippines, he is the son of the late Bobby Ray Parks Sr., a legendary figure in Philippine basketball. Parks Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps, carving out a notable career in the sport.

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Early Life and Background

  • Family and Inspiration: Growing up in a basketball-centric family, Bobby Ray Parks Jr. was inspired by his father, Bobby Ray Parks Sr., who was a professional player and coach—this early exposure to the sport instilled in him a deep passion for basketball.
  • Education and Early Career: Parks Jr. attended the National University in Manila, where he played for the NU Bulldogs. His exceptional performance in collegiate basketball helped elevate the team’s status and brought him into the national spotlight.
Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake

Achievements and Highlights

2023 FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers

  • Outstanding Performance: Parks Jr. played a crucial role in the 2023 FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers, showcasing his scoring ability, defensive skills, and leadership on the court.
  • Key Moments: His contributions were pivotal in several matches, earning him accolades and recognition from both fans and analysts.

NBA G League Journey

  • Development and Growth: Parks Jr. honed his skills in the NBA G League, where he gained valuable experience and improved his game. His time in the G League helped him refine his techniques and adapt to higher levels of competition.
  • Impressive Stats: His G League statistics reflect his all-around abilities, from scoring and assists to defensive plays, highlighting his potential as a top-tier player.

About Zeinab Harake

Zeinab Harake is a popular social media influencer in the Philippines, known for her engaging content and vibrant personality. She has a massive following across various platforms, where she shares insights into her life, beauty tips, and lifestyle content. Her relationship with Bobby Ray Parks Jr. has been widely followed and celebrated by fans.

Early Life and Background

Zeinab Harake was born on December 11, 1998, in the Philippines. She comes from a diverse background, with a Lebanese father and a Filipino mother. Growing up, Zeinab faced numerous challenges, but her resilience and determination helped her overcome them.

Rise to Fame

Social Media Stardom

Zeinab’s journey to fame began on social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram. She started creating content that resonated with a broad audience, from vlogs and challenges to beauty and fashion tips. Her charismatic personality and relatable content quickly garnered a massive following.

YouTube Success

Her YouTube channel, which features a mix of personal vlogs, pranks, and lifestyle content, has millions of subscribers. Zeinab’s authenticity and ability to connect with her audience have been key factors in her success. She shares her life’s highs and lows, making her followers feel like they are part of her journey.

Personal Life and Challenges

Zeinab Harake’s life hasn’t been without struggles. She has been open about her personal battles, including dealing with online hate and the pressures of maintaining her public image. Despite these challenges, Zeinab remains a positive influence, encouraging her followers to stay true to themselves and persevere through difficult times.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Beyond her online persona, Zeinab is involved in various charitable activities. She uses her platform to raise awareness about important social issues and to support causes close to her heart, such as mental health awareness and assistance for underprivileged communities.

The Engagement Announcement

The engagement of Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake has been a significant event for their fans and followers. The couple shared the news through their social media channels, showcasing their love and commitment. Here are the key details:

  • Proposal Setting: The proposal took place in a beautifully decorated venue, surrounded by family and close friends. The intimate setting added a personal touch to the memorable event.
  • Engagement Ring: Zeinab’s engagement ring is a stunning piece that has caught the attention of many for its elegance and design. The ring symbolizes their deep love and commitment to each other.
  • Public Reaction: The announcement has been met with overwhelming support and excitement from fans, with many taking to social media to express their congratulations. The couple’s engagement has become a trending topic, highlighting their popularity.

Future Plans

The couple has expressed their excitement about their future together. They have plans for a wedding ceremony that promises to be a grand celebration of their love. Fans are eagerly waiting for more updates on their wedding preparations and future endeavors as a married couple.

  • Wedding Plans: Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake are planning a grand wedding, which is expected to be a significant event. The couple is considering various venues and themes to make their special day unforgettable.
  • Life Together: Post-wedding, the couple plans to continue their respective careers while supporting each other’s endeavors. They are also looking forward to building a family and sharing more of their journey with their fans.
Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake


Both Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake have carved out unique paths to success, overcoming personal and professional challenges. Parks Jr. has made a name for himself in the world of basketball, following in his father’s footsteps while also advocating for mental health awareness. Zeinab Harake, on the other hand, has utilized the power of social media to build a successful career, becoming a beloved influencer known for her authenticity and resilience. Their stories serve as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of perseverance, authenticity, and giving back to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bobby Ray Parks Jr.’s fiancée?

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. is engaged to Zeinab Harake, a well-known social media influencer in the Philippines.

How did Bobby Ray Parks Jr. propose to Zeinab Harake?

The proposal took place in an intimate and beautifully decorated setting, surrounded by their family and friends.

When did Bobby Ray Parks and Zeinab Harake announce their engagement?

They announced their engagement through their social media channels, receiving an outpouring of support from fans.

What is Zeinab Harake known for?

Zeinab Harake is a popular social media influencer known for her engaging content, beauty tips, and lifestyle advice.

What are the couple’s future plans?

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. and Zeinab Harake are planning a grand wedding and are excited about their future together.

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